Timber Creek High School College & Career Center

Welcome to Timber Creek High School College & Career Center 

Timber Creek HS Profile

 The College & Career Center is located in Guidance and is opened to all parents and students.

Phone:  321-235-7800

Hours:  M, T, Th, F  11am  - 12:30pm

   W  10:25 am - 12 pm       

                                                      Bell Schedule




Mon. 2/197:00 AMPresidents' Day Holiday
Fri. 3/167:00 AMStudent Holiday
Mon. 3/19 - 3/237:00 AMSpring Break
Mon. 5/287:00 AMMemorial Day Holiday


Wed. 5/307:00 AMLast Day of School



  • February Scholarships are now available.  Please check the Scholarships page.
  • Summer opportunities are now available.  Please check the Summer Programs page.
  • IMPORTANT:  AP Testing begins in May.  Please utilize this free website to practice for your exams.  This website also provide free test preps for ACT, PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject tests, ASVAB, resume writing, career assessment, etc.:

            Web address: http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/orla67783?db=TERC

            Password at school:  orla67783, Password at home:  tchrpa

  • Another free website which includes hundreds of interactive resources to support student learning in language arts, mathematics, science and civics; this site is readily available to the public and does not require a user ID  or password to access:   http://floridastudents.org/#